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Telescope & Equipment Donations

The Longmont Astronomical Society is providing this Donations page for people who want to give or receive telescopes and related equipment. (No sales; just free stuff.) Please note that we only provide the information, we do not necessarily endorse the equipment offered. Also, we can't take responsibility for any accident or injury occurring through use of the equipment or the page's information; Individuals obtaining equipment through this page assume responsibility for using the page and the equipment safely. 

Looking to Give

If you have something to donate, send us an email (using the contact page) with the relevant information, and we will add it to this page. You can send us pictures too, in .gif format. We'll keep your post here for around 30 days, unless you ask us to remove it sooner.

A good description will help move your items faster, e.g. 'Celestron 6" refractor, built in 2020'. Include as many relevant details about things like size, make, model, year, whether there's a users manual. Also mention any accessories such as a go-to system, tripod, et cetera. 

Include your contact information; it's the only way for interested parties to reach you.

Please let us know as soon as your equipment is donated or otherwise unavailable, and we will remove your post.

And thank you for donating!

Looking to Get

This part's easy. Just peruse what donors have asked us to post on this page. If you see something you like or have questions about, contact them using the information they provided. Only contact us if you are unable to reach the donor, i.e. if they didn't provide contact info, or you couldn't get a response.

If you are looking for something but don't see it here, you can email us and ask us to post a notice for that as well.

Telescopes and Related Equipment to Donate

Descriptions, pics and contact info will be posted here

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