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Science and Observations of the Chilean Eclipse of 2019 by Jim Elkins, February 20, 2020

Balloon Observations of Earth, Moon and Total Solar Eclipse by Jim Elkins, August 15, 2013

Understanding the Earth's Atmosphere Better with Unmanned Aircraft Systems by Jim Elkins, November 18, 2010

Previous Monthly Meeting Talks

March 2021 

All These Worlds: The Exoplanet Revolution

For generations we've wondered whether we are alone in the Universe. Thanks in large part to space missions like Kepler, we now know that we live in a galaxy full of diverse planetary systems. Not only are we detecting planets around thousands of other stars, we are beginning to characterize them as well, revealing the vast stage for the play of life in the Universe.

Dr. Daniel D. Durda is with the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder.  He has more than twenty-five years of experience researching asteroids, Vulcanoids, Kuiper belt comets, and interplanetary dust, including airborne astronomical observations from high-performance jet aircraft.  He is an active pilot with time logged in over a dozen types of aircraft and has more than 110 minutes of time conducting experiments on NASA’s zero-gravity KC-135 aircraft. He has co-authored a book, published numerous articles popularizing planetary science and human exploration of space, and has appeared in more than 70 television science documentaries. Dan is an experienced cave diver and participates in underwater cave rescue and recovery missions.

February 2021

The virtual tour of the Astronomical Lyceum in Magdalena, New Mexico with Dr. John Briggs is still available. To see the presentation Dr. Briggs gave to LAS, click here.

Virtual Star Party Presentation

Dr. Brian Ottum gave a great talk on January 31st about a virtual star party using a remote telescope to view Orion. It's still available on YouTube.

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