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  • August 18, 2022
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Evidence for Ancient Astronomy in Chaco Culture

Cherilynn Morrow


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Dr. Cherilynn Morrow earned a PhD in solar astrophysics from the University of Colorado in 1988. She conducted graduate research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and post-doctoral research at Cambridge University. Her dissertation research revealed a new model for the internal rotation of the Sun. 

While serving as a visiting scientist at NASA Headquarters in the early 1990’s she began her award-winning work to integrate education and public outreach programs into scientific research environments in space and Earth science.  Her work expanded to integrating the arts and indigenous culture during subsequent leadership roles in science education at the Space Science Institute, the SETI Institute, Georgia State University (GSU), and the Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI).  She is renowned for cross-cultural teaching innovations (e.g. Kinesthetic Astronomy and AstroJazz) that integrate art with science, and engage body, mind, and spirit.  

Dr. Morrow has designed and implemented hundreds of professional and leadership development experiences for educators, and for scientists in education. This has included workshops and conference sessions for NASA and NSF scientists, Native American educators, National Park rangers, naturalists, science center & planetarium educators, artists, and yoga students. 

Since 2005, Dr. Morrow has contributed hundreds of hours in support of interpretive and research programs at Chaco Culture National Historical Park. This includes directing the NASA-sponsored Chaco Educator Institute in Astronomy (June 2008) where educators conducted mentored research in archaeoastronomy. She has also developed multi-sensory interpretive programs for Chaco cultural sites and provided support for archival and field research.

In September 2015, Cherilynn became a Fellow of the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences via her productive 2-week residency that generated new original music for AstroJazz.

Since 2020, Dr. Morrow has served as the Outreach Director for the NASA PUNCH mission to study the solar corona and inner heliosphere as a unified system. She leads the development and implementation of the multi-institutional, multi-cultural PUNCH Outreach program using an Ancient & Modern Sun Watching theme. The theme emphasizes ancient and contemporary Sun watching in Chaco Canyon and portrays NASA exploration of the Sun as a natural extension of humanity’s age-old devotion to observing the Sun’s rhythms and mysteries. The theme is designed to provide meaningful pathways for diverse populations to enjoy personal and cross-cultural connections to both NASA Heliophysics and to the observation of upcoming solar eclipses.

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