Longmont Astronomical Society

Educational and Community Outreach

Members of the Longmont Astronomical Society provide equipment and support for local schools, city and county recreation departments, Boy and Girl Scout groups, the U.S. Forest Service, and other organizations each year. This outreach comes in several forms:

  • LAS regularly scheduled star parties
  • Star parties specially requested by a group
  • Daytime star parties (for viewing the daytime moon, or for using telescopes with filters for safe viewing of sunspots, solar flares, prominences, etc.)
  • Depending on availability, an LAS member may be able to visit a class or group to discuss a project they're working on
  • Some members may be able to meet with teachers to help design an astronomy class
  • Our monthly meetings are open to the public. See our events calendar or home page for information on featured guest speakers.
  • The LAS has donated telescope kits to public libraries. All you need is a library card and a clear night. 

If your group is interested in having LAS members provide equipment and support for your event, please check our star party calendar and then contact our Coordinator with your request.

The religions disperse, kingdoms fall apart, but works of science remain for all ages.

-Ulugh Beg, Mongol ruler, mathematician, sultan-astronomer

Useful websites for students and educators

NASA for Kids Games, crafts, activities, ideas for virtual learning and more

The NASA website is a good place to follow the dozen or so space missions, engage in STEM education, learn about the benefits of space science to us all, and more.

Ready to Observe? This is part of NASA's Night Sky Network, and can be useful for teachers and anyone new to stargazing. 

    National Center for Interactive Learning is a great resource for educators, librarians, curators, etc.  

    Indigenous peoples' traditionsThe radio show Science Friday presented Relearning the Star Stories of Indigenous Peoples (Be sure to check out the related item on STEM education among first nations.) 

    Crash Course AstronomyEngaging, fast paced introduction to astronomy series on YouTube

    Our Astronomy Resources page has lots of other ideas for observing clubs, astronomy education, observing tips, and science projects.

    The International Dark-Sky Association has materials for educators.

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