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 November 2022 Newsletter

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Monthly Meeting

Meteorites: A Collector's Perspective

by Ron Hranac

Thursday, November 17th, 2022 at 7pm

Location: Zoom-only (email invite)


Denver Astronomical Society's (DAS)'s Ron Hranac will discuss meteorites from a collector's perspective. You'll learn some of the basic terminology, where meteorites come from, what's inside of them, and where you can get them. And yes, private citizens can own and collect these fascinating objects, many of which provide scientists with information about the formation of our solar system. You'll also learn about meteorwrongs, the name given to terrestrial rocks and minerals, and some manmade materials, that are commonly mistaken for real meteorites.

About the Speaker

Ron Hranac is a member of DAS's Executive Board and is a past president of the organization. In addition to enjoying visual observing with a variety of telescopes, he is an avid meteorite collector. He has lectured on meteorites at numerous venues and for several groups and organizations over the years: the University of Denver's astronomy program; during Denver Astronomical Society's public night events at DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory; the Denver Museum of Nature and Science; for the Friends of the School of Mines Geology Museum; and at various elementary, middle, and high schools around the Denver Metro area. Ron is a retired telecommunications engineer, but remains active in standards and specifications development committees.

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